Hauling & Demo Business 4X Revenue with Magneta

An interview with Marc Chrus, Owner/Operator of We-Haul Disposal Services

"I wasn’t getting the leads I wanted. It was a lot of word-of-mouth..."

We-Haul Disposal Services Inc is a bin rental, junk removal and demolition company serving Toronto since 2007. Marc started with just a pick-up truck, hauling construction debris and garbage for his neighbours and construction friends. Today he has a fleet of trucks with state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable staff and reliable service. He’s ready for more growth.

After 6 years of working with many marketers and being unhappy with the results, he finally met Alena from Magneta, and his business soared.

The Backstory

Marc’s website required an overhaul. The website was not user-friendly; it was crammed with information that users did not read; and there was no clear call to action. He did not appear to be a professional company that people could rely on. 

“Not very good. I didn’t really trust any of the previous marketing companies I worked with. I thought it was obvious they were just out for our money and not our best interest as a company.”

“The main reason we decided to go with Magneta was the transparency that Alena provided. Alena is also very easy to talk to and very trustworthy. If it wasn’t for the relationship we have built then we might not see the great results that have been built with Magneta. I feel like I’m working with a friend rather than a colleague.”

“We owned about 50 bins four years ago.”

The Result

Magneta redesigned his logo and website so that users can easily scan and understand what it’s about. To reduce the number of repeated inquiries, we made his prices visible. We also optimized his social media accounts, Google My Business listing and shot a slew of videos for him. 

250% ROMI

(return on marketing investment)

110% ROI

(return on investment)

70% Increase

(in bin bookings year over year)

14 Employees

(had 5 employees four years ago)

Marc became a local celebrity...

Marc wanted to show the behind-the-scenes of his projects so we shot several videos together that we later posted on his website and Instagram. 

He loves to volunteer, so we shot his 5-day journey of cleaning up the Humber River in Toronto during COVID-19. This series ended up flooding him with calls and he became a local celebrity

"Our lead generation has grown and so has the structure of our business to keep up with the leads..."

“I’ve grown to heights that I knew weren’t possible with the way we were doing things before. With the hard work our employees have put in along with the lead generation from Magneta Marketing, I feel that we are moving in the right direction and can’t wait to see where we head next.”

Marc Chrus, Owner/Operator, We-Haul Disposal Services Inc

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