Concrete Flooring Generates Positive Cash Flow in Just 8 Months of Launching

An interview with Tony Yau, Owner/Operator of True Concrete Solutions

"We were getting about 2-3 leads per week prior to working with Magneta..."

Both Tony and Brandon were working for other construction firms before starting their company, True Concrete Solutions. They faced the enormous challenge of breaking into the fiercely competitive GTA market as a concrete finishing contractor.

Avoiding the tempting path of undercutting prices, they had to find innovative ways to establish their brand and credibility.


The Backstory

Tony and Brandon had no website prior to contacting us and were relying on free online postings to generate leads for their new business.

“We were getting about 2-3 leads per week prior to working with you mostly through referrals and neighbours of homeowners where we were working. We’ve tried Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji but most people were not serious there and it was difficult to secure an on site/home visit, yet alone the project itself.”

“We decided to work with you as you were the most responsive and direct, compared to other marketing companies that used a lot of buzzwords that we couldn’t really understand. 
Also, because of the positive feedback and growth we’ve seen from We Haul Disposal Services. 
You were also willing to implement some of my ideas that my old company was opposed to like excluding Brampton which really increased the close rate and difficulties when doing the project.”

The Result

We created an 8-page WordPress website for Tony to showcase their services, portfolio, and capture conversions. In addition, we initiated a Google Ads campaign specifically targeting the GTA.

1,884% ROMI

(return on marketing investment)

124% ROI

(return on investment)

$42.23 Per $1 Spent

(return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

3 New Employees

(since May 2023)

"I finally stopped bleeding money on marketing..."

“I feel more confident handing out my business cards since we have a clean-looking website.

For construction owners on the fence, I’d tell them to pull the trigger since Magneta is very responsive and helpful in getting the site up and running and generating leads.”

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