Cracking the Lead Code: $200k in 75 Days

An interview with Kristoff, Owner/Operator of Torcrete

"We were getting 10-12 leads every 9 month season..."

Torcrete is a turn-key concrete service provider for developers, builders, and homeowners in Toronto.

Torcrete started as a subsidiary business after customers started asking for concrete services on top of their landscape services.

Before Alena, he was relying strictly on word-of-mouth and wasn’t getting enough leads to keep qualified crew around long enough.

Concrete Finishing

The Backstory

“Due to the strong profitability observed within the concrete market, we made the strategic decision to employ a construction marketer with the objective of increasing our leads. Alena knew the market, they knew what they were doing, so we gave her a shot.”

The Result

Torcrete had a WordPress website launched, along with the implementation of advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook. In just 75 days, a remarkable total of 40 concrete leads were obtained.

1019% ROMI

(return on marketing investment)

124% ROI

(return on investment)

$13.99 back for $1 spent

(average return on ad spend)

Concrete parking lot

"We are now operating at maximum capacity year-round, with little downtime..."

“With abundant leads our marketing is solved. We now are focused on growing our business with security and surety. Our focus is closing leads and hiring new employees.” 

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