marketing ideas for construction companies

Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies to Build a Stronger Online Presence

The quality of your work speaks for itself as a contractor. If your construction company finds success, it will be through the consistency of what you produce.

Before you can sign contracts or bid on projects, people need to know that you’re available for some projects. The only way to accomplish that outcome is through construction marketing. Instead of relying on only word-of-mouth referrals or past references, you can add these options to the mix to start building your brand.


Effective Contractor Marketing Options to Use

When marketing a construction business, the first option should be an easy-to-use website for your clients. This resource lets you tackle brand imaging, provide references, and showcase some of your best work.

Your audience can get more details about what you offer, schedule estimates, and find your contact information.

Once you have a client-friendly website operational, these additional marketing ideas can help your business grow.


1. Use Online Directories

Contractor marketing often starts with this option because it offers a simple search mechanism for people trying to find a local service provider. Clients can access a nearby business directory containing website links, star ratings, and other information to consider.

If your information isn’t in that directory, there’s a strong chance a potential client will hire a competitor.


2. Paid Advertising

Construction marketing benefits from paid advertising benefits because of this option’s flexibility. Instead of putting up billboards or paying for radio time, you can customize search and display ads according to what your targeted audience looks for online.

You can tailor your ad spending to the demographics more likely to need your contracting services.


3. Social Medial Marketing

People overwhelmingly want to feel like they have personal connections with businesses when making personal affiliations. When your construction company has a social media platform to use, you can have one-on-one conversations with prospects to address specific needs.

The online conversation chains can help other prospects decide to work with your company because of how you handled previous situations.

Paid advertising options are also available when considering this approach to your contractor marketing needs.


4. Email Marketing Solutions

Newsletters provide a personalized view of what clients can expect when working with your construction company. The content engages with your target audience, allowing people to glean interesting insights about your approach to the industry.

Many contractors use email marketing to share opinions, discuss issues, and highlight successful projects. You’ll have a great tool to expand your brand’s reach when the tone is conversational and friendly.


5. Video Creation

Marketing a construction company with video content allows you to adapt the most popular format to your needs. It only takes a few seconds to introduce yourself and discuss your contracting services. From there, you can highlight projects, show your social awareness, or highlight eco-friendly practices.

Construction companies often avoid marketing because they see themselves as a business that people find when they need help. With more contractors competing in this space, your brand’s message matters more than ever! Let’s get you started with a new or SEO-friendly site, then hit the marketing points you need to be successful.


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