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Marketing for Construction Companies: 7 Simple Ways to Drum Up Some Business

Every business needs revenue to survive. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, many small construction companies have found it challenging to win bids and secure projects because of ever-changing restrictions and regulations.

Construction represents 13% of the global GDP. When labour shortages and supply chain issues impact your ability to work, it is essential to think of ways to adapt. What can you provide today that your competitors cannot?

The answer to that question becomes the foundation of marketing for construction companies.


Marketing a Construction Business Is Effective with These Tips

The first step to take when thinking about construction marketing is digitization. You need to be where your customers are to generate attention for your small business.

In today’s world, that means your contractor marketing efforts should focus on online communities.

These tips can help your firm find its footing when you’re trying to drum up some business.


1. Create a modern website

A modern website creates three specific benefits that contribute to your firm’s overall marketing message.

  • It allows for a direct message to be sent to your target audience.
  • You can create contact mechanisms that replicate the bidding process.
  • It provides a platform to show off your expertise to interested people or businesses.

An effective online presence must have effective content to attract attention. Instead of using drag-and-drop builders or a free WordPress template, consider working with an experienced agency specializing in construction website design and development.


2. Ensure Google My Business is set up and accurate

Google My Business was initially released in June 2014 to help Internet users find specific information about local businesses. It allows people to find your construction company on Google Search and Maps to see your service area or storefront.

This tool is free. All you need to do is edit your business profile to provide accurate information about your construction company.


3. Get reviews

Contractor marketing works in the same way as other outreach efforts. It’s much easier to secure new business when you have positive reviews.

The opposite effect sometimes occurs when you receive negative reviews.

When you’re on Google My Business, you can read and respond to customer reviews. It’s also essential to have people leave feedback in the other places you’re active, such as Angi.


4. Invest in pay-per-click marketing

PPC marketing works well for contractors in our post-pandemic world because construction firms can put their branding in front of people who need their services.

Pay-per-click works because you reach the right people as they’re actively searching for what you offer.

You don’t need to be aggressive with your media budget to find success with this option. Google Ads management can deliver instant leads, even when you’re outside the busy season.


5. Use social media platforms to showcase your portfolio

A successful social media marketing experience for construction companies starts with a goal. What do you hope to accomplish with this investment?

Once you have goals set, it is time to pick your preferred platform. Although each one offers unique benefits, you don’t need to be everywhere – or try to be everything for everyone.

  • Facebook is an excellent choice to build more general awareness of your contracting services.
  • LinkedIn works for commercial construction awareness.
  • Houzz is an overlooked option for small businesses if you have industry authority and want to interact with consumers directly.
  • Instagram provides a place to highlight your portfolio, share before-and-after images, or highlight new services.


Consistent posts with high-quality content can help your construction marketing effort. That’s why it is often better to start with a single platform before expanding to others.


6. Take advantage of lead nurturing through email marketing

An email sequence is an affordable and effective way to generate leads for a construction firm. This tool often brings the best ROI metric out of any contractor marketing investment.

A simple email sequence can further your company’s relationship with potential clients to form confidence and trust.

All it takes is a four-step process over that many days to create those relationships. Here’s an example of how one email series might work.

  • On the first day, you might offer content about what to expect from your construction company.
  • The second message would detail your expertise and cost-savings benefits.
  • For the third day, you could invite them to your social media pages.
  • The final email would be the sales pitch.


7. Don’t be discouraged

Marketing a construction business isn’t an investment that always delivers instant gratification. Establishing your brand, proving your expertise, and developing a reputation for providing high-quality work takes time. When people start seeing your firm and what you can do consistently, it will be your brand at the top of their minds when they’re ready to invest.

If you’re ready to explore the various benefits of marketing for construction companies, our team is here to answer any questions you might have! Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll start working together to get more opportunities to come your way.


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