95% of Leads for Handyman Business Come from Website

An interview with Les Diadyk, Owner/Operator of Exterior Handyman Services

"I wasn’t getting the leads I wanted. It was a lot of word-of-mouth..."

Exterior Handyman Services was founded by Les Diadyk in 2006, a construction entrepreneur with over 22 years in the construction industry. He focuses on repairing the exterior of residential buildings across the GTA at a per-hour rate.

Before Alena, he was relying strictly on word-of-mouth and was dissatisfied with the quality and frequency of leads.

The Backstory

Throughout the year we would get leads only during the construction season, April-November, with approximately 30 leads between those months.

Leads were word of mouth from a developed network and by neighbors that liked the work that was completed.

“The reason I chose to work with a marketing consultant was to develop a website that had my portfolio along with key selling points and to do marketing so I could X7 my leads.”

The Result

My team and I built a simple WordPress landing page for Exterior Handyman, set up Google Ads, and managed new social media accounts.  I also designed and printed lawn signs, and business cards, along with brochures to give out to homeowners.

1345% ROMI

(return on marketing investment)

124% ROI

(return on investment)

$14 Leads

(avg. for 3 consecutive months)

"The days of stress are over and I can focus on business growth with confidence..."

“My company has completely transformed by working with Alena in two ways. Firstly, excess leads put me in control, not the customer.

Secondly, I know that I will receive leads 100% and this gives me relief and peace of mind.

The leads also help me understand who the customer is and what they want which allows me to adapt to their needs through my services and how I structure my marketing.” 

"The marketing put me in control and I was no longer at the mercy of the client"

“I no longer work with the next person who calls me, doing it for a low price just to get the job because there is a lack of leads.

Marketing takes on an evolution and as I know my customer better, I make changes to the website and ads. This process over the years has resulted in getting the exact customers that I am looking for and allows for a controlled expansion of my services.”

Les Diadyk, Owner/Operator, Exterior Handyman

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