Facebook Best Practices & Post Ideas for the Construction Industry

Smart Facebook tactics are essential to drumming up as many leads as possible. But how do contractors or companies in the construction industry leverage Facebook?

Today we want to show you how to use Facebook to your advantage.

We’ll be covering:

If you’re in charge of Facebook for your construction services company, these tips are for you.

We’ll be breaking down the basics of this platform so that you know exactly what you need to do to get more engagement and phone calls.

As a little side note – this blog post is for landscapers, contractors, plumbers, architects, framers, builders, or any type of business that falls under the ‘construction’ or ‘home improvement’ category.

Follow along with our examples and use our basic campaign ideas to build a skyscraper of social media might.

Let’s get started.

Using Facebook to the Fullest

It’s no secret that Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. As of April 2020, approximately 48.8% of Canadian users were between the ages of 25-44.

These Facebook users can be homeowners with remodelling plans, repair needs, or even dreams of building their own home from scratch. These can be other companies in the construction sector looking for service providers for their residential or commercial projects.

This platform is a goldmine for construction companies and contractors, as Facebook heavily influences consumer decision making.

Let us give you a few examples.

When you’re on Facebook, did you notice the Sponsored Posts that show up on in your feed targeting your interests?


An example of a Sponsored Post on Facebook

An example of a Facebook Sponsored Post in the main feed


When searching for a service provider in Google, has a business’ Facebook page shown up in search results instead of their website?

Or have you decided on goods or services because a friend referred them or posted pictures of their experience and tagged the business?

There’s no going around it; people are affected by what their friends share and the ads they see across all platforms.

So, how can you generate leads through Facebook? It all starts with an up-to-date business page.


The Basics of a Good Facebook Business Page

What do people see when they first land on your Facebook page? First impressions count, so let’s make sure your page is nice and tidy.

1 – Upload your logo (keep it as simple as possible) and stay within the dimensions (170 x 170 pixels).

Instead of uploading your full logo, we recommend using just the icon as it’s easier to see. (see the pics below).


Example of Facebook Profile Picture

2 – Upload a cover photo or a video (820 x 31 pixels) that highlights your services or your company’s values. If you don’t have a graphic artist onsite, we recommend using Canva. They have many templates that you can modify to suit your branding needs (many are free). This is a great app for non-technical users.

Some ideas of what to post can be a beautiful photo or drone shot of your latest project, a team photo taken onsite, a professional picture of a product, etc. Take a look at other Facebook pages in your industry to get some inspiration.


Facebook cover photo example

An example of a Facebook cover photo. Simple, but tells you exactly what these guys do.


3 – Make sure you have keywords in your company name, such as ‘Landscape Company,’ ‘Construction Company,’ ‘Concrete Finisher’ so that people can easily find you on Facebook and know exactly what you do.


Keywords used in Company Name

An example of keywords used in the company name


4 – Update your contact button. Give potential customers a way of reaching out to you.


Changing contact button in Facebook

Go to your profile and select the button to change it.


You can select from many options, as you see below.

Facebook Business Page Button Examples

A list of some of the buttons that you can select for your business page


5 – Your business page on Facebook must always have the most recent contact information available for your company.

Include the following contact info in your profile:

  • Address
  • Short description of what you do
  • Website URL
  • Phone Number
  • Email
    • Please look into getting a professional email with Google Business Suite. It’s only $7/month, easy to set up and to use, and you’ll look like you’re a reputable company!
  • Office hours
  • Categories
Great example of About Us section

Your contact information will show up on the left-hand side of your page.


6 – If you allow incoming messages, make sure that someone can respond to them within 24 hours. During business hours, responses should be as immediate as possible as your response time is visible publicly. Download Facebook Messenger on your phone to receive instant notifications and to respond to inquiries right away.

Facebook Messenger response rate


7 – Your business page can also accept reviews from clients. Always encourage anyone you work with to leave a review of your services AND ‘like’ your page.

Getting reviews is one of the social media tactics that you cannot do without. The more reviews you have, the higher Facebook will place your page in search results when people search for your services within the platform.


Facebook search results

This company showed up first in search because they had more reviews than anyone else. Also, we have common friends that’ve liked their page, which is also a ranking factor.


8 – Finally, post pictures of your work and your office. Show people your professional side on Facebook. Show off your fancy new tools or brag about the cutting-edge solar panels you just installed.


Facebook Post Example

A great example of a Facebook post. There’s a human element (a selfie), and before and after pictures.


Give people the sensation that something exciting is always happening at your construction company.

There is a fine line between posting frequently and being annoying. If you post too much on any platform, it devalues each post. However, if you don’t post enough, your presence is unlikely to grow. How do you strike that balance?

The key is always to be helpful. Like or reshare someone else’s great answer to a question you’ve encountered. Show people how to build something, even if it means they might not hire you. Invest in your community, and they will invest in you.


Facebook Post Ideas for Construction Companies

Here are some ideas of what you can post on both Facebook and Instagram:

  • Company or employee anniversaries/milestones
  • In-progress projects
  • Before & After
  • Client testimonials (videos, pictures)
  • Company outings
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Industry insight
  • Community involvement
  • Do-it-yourself tips for homeowners
  • Behind-the-scenes or a day in the field
  • Company mascot (such as your pet with a branded hat or bowtie)
  • Videos of your subcontractors in action
  • Interview your workers on video (show the faces behind your company)
    • Ask them about their experience, what they love about their job, etc.
  • Show safety measures in place
  • Show off your new tools, truck or equipment
  • Cool pictures of your environment (such as skylines, high rises, your favourite parts of the city)
  • Run a survey to engage with your community.
    • For examples, you can have a survey along with a picture of three natural stones, asking users which one they’d prefer for a fire pit)

Show the beauty of construction, and don’t be afraid of getting creative with your shots!

TIP: Avoid posting pictures of your family (unless they work with you), food, and substances as these are unflattering and will shine a negative light on your business.

Okay, you have an up-to-date Facebook page, now what?

Facebook Best Practices for Construction/Home Improvement Companies

Facebook marketing is complicated and time-consuming. Since most of you manage your social media, we’re outlining the most important tips and tactics that you can keep in mind to build a following and target your audience slowly (and how to avoid being spammy!).

  • Post 1-2 times per week
  • Include engaging captions that ask the audience a question or tell a story
    • Define your client’s problem and outline how you’ve solved it
  • Include your location in every post
  • Tag your clients, subcontractors, employees, rental equipment providers and suppliers in your posts (if applicable)
  • Has a client shared a picture of your work? Reshare the post!
  • Don’t use hashtags in captions; these are not effective on Facebook
  • Send an email or SMS to your happy clients, asking them to review you on Facebook and to like your page
    • Respond to these reviews
  • For every project, record onsite client testimonials on your phone
  • Respond to every comment as soon as possible
  • Upload videos directly to Facebook (do not share a link to your video on YouTube as these platforms are in competition and Facebook will show your post to fewer people)


Boost Your Posts and Your Page

If you have a small budget to spend on marketing, sponsored ads are a great way to add more visibility to your posts and Facebook page. Take a look at Facebook’s website to learn more about the types of ads that you can run.

Get started by running two campaigns:


Campaign 1 – Client Testimonials or a Project’s Before & After 

Goal: To get more bookings!

1 – To set up your ad, select a post on your page that you’d like to promote and click ‘Boost Post.’

We recommend before and after pictures of a project as these tend to have the highest engagement on social platforms. You can also use client testimonials or focus on seasonal promotions.


How to boost a Facebook post

Select a great post and click the button in the bottom right corner.


2 – Make sure the goal of the campaign is to get more messages, or else Facebook will focus on getting more shares and ‘likes.’


Setting up a Facebook campaign

Click on ‘Get more messages’


3- Scroll down and under ‘Audience,’ select ‘Create New.’

4 – Under ‘Detailed Targeting,’ select ‘Browse’ to see all options.

In this section, set up your ideal target market for this ad.

Imagine you are your ideal customer.

What’s your age? Who’s the primary decision-maker in the household? Where are you located? What are your interests? Did you just purchase a home?

Keep these questions in mind when narrowing down your audience.


Creating a new audience on Facebook

You can get an estimate on how many people your ads will reach by looking at the gauge.

TIP: Ensure the ‘Potential Reach’ arrow is always in the green. If your reach is too broad or specific, Facebook may not run the campaign.

5 – Next, set up your campaign duration and budget.

We recommend budgeting between $200 – 350 CAD for the first month and increasing it to $500/month. Of course, the ad spend is dependent upon cost of sale, other marketing initiatives and the type of business, but for all sakes and purposes stick to these general guidelines as a starting point.

Input your credit card information and click ‘Boost Post Now’!


Setting up campaign budget on Facebook


Please note that as default, Facebook’s currency is in USD.


What happens after your ads are approved and will start running:

You’ll start receiving messages on Facebook messenger, so make sure you reply right away! If you don’t have it already, download Facebook Messenger on your phone to get instant notifications.

Give it a week before you start checking up on your ads. This gives Facebook enough time to finetune your audience based on clicks and responses. To view your ad performance, go back to your business page, and on the left-hand side of your desktop, select ‘Ad Center.’


Where to find Ad Center

Check your stats in Ad Center after a week



Campaign 2 – Promote Your Page

Goal: To get more exposure to your Facebook page (also the more ‘likes’ you have on a page, the more people will be likely to trust you)

1 – To set up this ad, head to your Facebook business page and click on ‘Promote.’


Promoting business page


2 – Select ‘Promote Your Page’.

In the description, include your service-area, what you do, and why people should trust you. Keep it as short as possible.

Here is an example that we would use for a concrete company in Toronto:

Toronto’s full-service residential concrete experts, 10+ yrs in business. From concrete consulting, excavating, grading to finishing, we do it all. Rated 4.8 on HomeStars.

For an image, we’d use either a professional video of a residential concrete pour or a favourite picture of a finished job. If you’re targeting commercial clients, use an image/video of a commercial property.

3 – Follow the same steps outlined above to set up your desired target audience and budget. $100 CAD per month is enough to get started with this campaign.

Once set up, this ad will show up on your target audience’s Facebook page, prompting them to ‘Like’ your Business page. This is a great way to raise more awareness to your page, and as you post new content, these new followers will also see your latest stuff.

The more we see something, the more we like it. With that in mind, these new followers could be potential future sales or referees.


Final Thoughts

It’s hard for many businesses to accept the fact that traditional forms of marketing, such as cold calling, billboards and flyers, are no longer effective in swaying consumer behaviour. And you can’t keep relying on word-of-mouth. Aren’t you tired of scrapping the bottom of the barrel for clients? Marketing gives you the power to choose the ideal customers that you’d want to work with.

Users are now trusting social media platforms to find recommendations, share advice & tips, leave reviews, purchase products from others in Marketplace, and more. This new way of consumerism is here to stay, so don’t get left behind. Invest in social media marketing, whether it’s with your time or by running campaigns.


Need Help from a Professional?

We recommend outsourcing your social media ads and management if you want to do more. We don’t expect business owners to be professional social marketers. Focus on what you do best, and we can help with the rest. Get in touch with us if you wish to learn more.



Alena Blyshchyk

Alena Blyshchyk

As the Owner of Magneta Marketing Agency, Alena and her team help small businesses get more clients, rise above the competition and stay relevant in their niche. She’s the captain of the ship but she’s also a marketing strategist and works with clients one-on-one.