Marc from We-Haul and Alena from Magneta

Hauling Business Doubles in Size with Magneta | Case Study

Marc at We-HaulWe-Haul Disposal Services Inc is a bin rental, junk removal and demolition company serving Toronto since 2007. Marc started with just a pick-up truck, hauling construction debris and garbage for his neighbours and construction friends. Today he has a fleet of trucks with state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable staff and reliable service. He’s ready for more growth.

After 6 years of working with many marketers and being unhappy with the results, he finally met Alena from Magneta, and his business soared.

“I finally feel that I’m in good hands with the way my company is being marketed. If you are looking for a company to do your website or bring your sales to the next level, the choice should be easy. I would highly recommend Magneta,” said Marc Chrus, We-Haul Disposal Inc.

Website Overhaul

“Before I started working with Alena, I had a WordPress website. I wasn’t getting the leads I wanted. It was a lot of word-of-mouth.”

Marc needed an overhaul of his existing site. The website wasn’t user-friendly, it was bursting at the seams with too much information that users did not read, and there wasn’t a clear call to-action (should customers call, email, use the online form?). He didn’t look like a professional company that people can trust.

I’ve rebranded his logo, structured the site so that users can easily scan and understand exactly what it’s about. We made his prices visible in order to reduce the number of repetitive inquiries. In order to further personalize the site, we included pictures of his fleet and team so that people know exactly who to expect when they book with We-Haul.

The Before

Marcs old WeHaul website

Marc’s previous website

The After

We-Haul Disposal Services

Marc’s current website

Click to see the full website.

Digital Services

We-Haul gets a lot of business through Instagram. I’ve optimized his profile based on Instagram best practices, researched and presented him with the right hashtags to use and gave him a direction for Instagram ads. Creative graphics were also created to help boost engagement, like below.

An example of Marc’s Instagram post


Marc wanted to show the behind-the-scenes of his projects so we shot several videos together that we later posted on his website and Instagram. He loves to volunteer, so I shot his 5-day journey of cleaning up the Humber River during COVID-19. This series ended up flooding him with calls and he became a local celebrity.


Marc and his team


Marc bought 2 new trucks, 30 more bins and now has 5 employees. All within a year’s time!


“Right now, even with the COVID pandemic that’s going on, we’re still so busy I can’t catch my breath, I never imagined that we would be this busy at the beginning of March, I didn’t even know if my company would last through COVID, and here I am, living proof that it’s doing well.


“Since we’ve started working with Alena, we’ve doubled our fleet of trucks, as well as the containers we rent. Our demo service has expanded, and I’ve had to employ more people. It’s been almost just difficult keeping up with the work, my hardest part is just managing it all, which is a great thing.”

The Next Steps for Marc

Marc isn’t done growing. In order to take him to the next level, we will be activating Google AdWords so that he can show up at the top of search results. His site will continue to be updated with new content and videos. We’re also going to start running Facebook and Instagram campaigns to get more exposure to his business.

If You Want to Grow, You Need the Right Marketing

You can’t keep relying on word-of-mouth, it’ll only take you so far. If you’ve tried doing marketing yourself and just want someone to do it for you so that you can take care of sales and execution, then you need to outsource marketing. You need to focus on what you do best, you shouldn’t be thinking about Instagram and websites, let me handle that for you.

“If you’re a contractor right now and you’re not happy with your website or you’re just not getting the leads that you really want, maybe right not might be the time to really think about where you want to go forward in the future. Since I’ve digitized my website, work has been crazy so that might be something that you want to do to generate more leads for your company. It’s definitely worked for me.”

Hear What Marc Has to Say


Get More Calls!

You need a digital presence in order to survive in the construction industry. I work with different budgets, helping start-up businesses to seasoned contractors increase their leads. Contact me to learn what I can do for you. We’re a full-service marketing agency in Toronto serving the construction industry. Please call me at 647-675-0804 or email me at to learn more.

Alena Blyshchyk

Alena Blyshchyk

As the Owner of Magneta Marketing Agency, Alena and her team help small businesses get more clients, rise above the competition and stay relevant in their niche. She’s the captain of the ship but she’s also a marketing strategist and works with clients one-on-one.