Toronto Demolition Business Has its Most Successful Year

An interview with Alpha Conteh & Kathy Clutterbuck of Bare Bones Demolition

"I had doubts about hiring someone because I felt like what I was already doing was enough. Man was I wrong!"

Bare Bones Demolition is a demolition company in Toronto that has a fresh approach to renovating spaces. They specialize in residential and commercial demolition at all ends of the spectrum. Some of their satisfied clients include Pilot Coffee, Brookfield Properties and Royal Homes.

Bare Bones found out about us from a previous client of ours. They had no previous experience working with marketers, hence were doing all their marketing in-house.

The Backstory

Alpha had an existing website that he wanted to leverage to generate more online leads for his business. He had never done marketing before and was skeptical about working with a marketing agency. After speaking with an existing client of Magneta’s, Alpha decided to give it a shot as his leads were drying out.

“This was our first time working with a marketing agency/marketer.”

“Prior to working with Magneta, we were getting a couple of phone calls & emails from potential clients weekly. Once Alena began working the numbers & ads, our leads tripled within the first couple of months. And stayed that way for the majority of the year. Even into the slow down of the construction season.”  

“Social media, Facebook, website, networking through contacts/contractors.”

“We wanted to increase the number of leads we were exposed to, which inadvertently creates more job opportunities. We wanted to hire someone with the understanding of drawing potentials clients to Bare Bones Demolition and were pleasantly surprised as we started to see the number of inquiries grow.”

The Result

Magneta had audited his website and had recommended a few alterations in order to increase the conversion rate once potential customers land on the website. Google Ads were set up using their minimum budget.

3X More Leads


20% Increase

(in sales close rate)

2022 Success

(their best year in revenue growth so far)

4 New Employees

(and easier to attract high-quality talent)

How has your company grown or changed since working with Magneta?

“We have had at least 4 new hires and many inquiries into potentially working with Bare Bones Demolition since we began working together. 

We have a larger library of experience within the areas of demolition allowing us to handle larger-scale jobs. We have more interest in workers joining our team through the exposure of Bare Bones Demolition.”

Alpha Conteh, Owner/Operator, Bare Bones Demolition

"We have true confidence in Alena on how she is drawing potential clients to our business..."

“Once we invested in some extra help in the marketing department, we saw the number of leads and online presence increase, tripling the number of phone calls, email inquiries and website requests for estimates from homeowners, contractors, estimating & contracting firms. Alena is fair and professional as she represents more than one company within the industry, to which I never feel like she is favoring one company over another. She is through with all that she does which has again translated into our numbers of inquiries and jobs closed increasing to SUCCESS!

Last year, Bare Bones Demolition had its most successful year, ever! And we are thankful to Alena and Magneta Marketing for getting the gears greased in order for that to be a reality.”

Kathy Clutterbuck, Project Coordinator

"Hiring her was one of the best decisions we have made as it has allowed our business to be noticed more than ever before..."

“Alena has been so hands-on and explained every step that needs to be taken in order for us to get to the level of success we want. She is constantly checking in with us, asking us questions on ways she can manipulate the data to create more traffic to our website & phone number. Almost weekly, she sends us updates on where the company fits in/ranks amongst other demolition companies on the web. Thanks so much Alena!”

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