5 Sections Construction Website Needs to Have

The 5 Sections Your Construction Website Needs to Have

You have to step into your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself – what kind of information would I want to see on a contractor’s website in order to decide if they’re a good fit for my project?

There are 5 things that your construction website needs to have in order to convince your visitors to reach out to you.


1 – Your Portfolio

You need to show your past work on your construction website! I can’t stress this enough. And please don’t use stock photos of landscape projects as people can tell it’s fake.

Take the time to snap nicely-lit photos of your projects. Take photos from multiple angles, and if you can, take the before and after shots. People love transformational stories, not only in the context of weight-loss but with renovation projects as well. There’s just something about it that has the ‘wow’ factor so take advantage of people’s psychology and don’t leave your job site without taking any photos!

Example of Using Stock Photos

2 –  Your Services

On your home page, include a list of all the services that you offer. Include a brief description and image from a past job next to each service. This is not only good for SEO but website visitors need to know if you can do the entire job or if they need to get an additional contractor. Plus, it’ll reduce the number of inquiry phone calls asking if you do demolition, excavation, etc. – you’re setting a filter this way.

Do you offer something that your competitors don’t? Make sure to add it to the top of the list and highlight it!


3 – Licences, Accreditation, Insurance Information

Adding your industry-specific licenses, qualifications, awards, etc. gives your prospects a reason to trust you.

It shows visitors that you know what you’re doing. They’ll have peace of mind knowing that the project will be completed by experts with all safety precautions in place and if anything does go wrong, there are measures in place – and you know of them!


Example of accreditations

4 – Testimonials

Integrate your Google, Facebook or Homestars reviews on your home page. New reviews will automatically populate the page so that you won’t need to constantly keep updating your site. This is a more authentic way to showcase the good things your clients have said about you because their profiles will be visible, which shows that these are real people!

A lot of consumers these days don’t trust the reviews that companies have on their websites because they could be manipulated in some way or could be completely fake! By integrating reviews from outside sources, you’re showing your audience that these are, in fact, legitimate.

If the client is up for it, shoot a quick 1-minute video testimonial on your phone. Ask your client about their experience with you, what they wanted to achieve on the project and the final result.

Take some quick shots of the finished project to include in the final video. You can post this video on your home page and run campaigns on social media.


5 – A Call to Action

What do you want website visitors to do once they’ve check out your site? To call you for a free estimate? To email you to book a project date? Call to rent a bin?

Be specific and stick to ONE call to action on each page. When you have multiple, it confuses visitors and they don’t know what the next course of action should be.

Here’s an example of one of my client’s old site, it had way too many CTAs. Once we’ve updated his site, his business doubled because users knew exactly what they had to do in order to use his services.

Examples of too many calls to action
An example of too many CTAs on a Home page

BONUS Tip – Include Team Photos

Please don’t use fake team photos on your construction website. People want to see the faces behind the company – the real crew that will be working on their project, they need to know if they can trust you. You’re in the business of selling to people so show YOUR people! Capture your team in action on a job site or take the time to set up a nice group shot. Be authentic!

Putting a face to a name adds to the layer of trust.

Fake Team Photo

Final Thoughts

Your website is a reflection of your business. Think of it as a very advanced version of your business card – but online! It should speak your prospect’s language and provide them with all of the information they need when researching your services. They’re comparing you to your competitors, so make sure it’s updated and stands out!

Keep your construction website design simple, easy to read, easy to navigate and make sure it works great on mobile!

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