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5 Best Construction Website Design Examples to Follow

Construction website design is often an afterthought for many businesses. In the past, it was easy enough to advertise in the Yellow Pages or contact people directly with door-to-door inquiries.

Although those options are still on the table, a website advocates for a company’s value. When your voice offers the most expertise, you’ll create more opportunities to generate leads or get requests for bids.

The first step of construction web design is to get your information online. Once you can be found, the following websites provide an excellent resource for creating an attention-grabbing layout.


Examples of Fantastic Construction Websites to Consider

Husband for Hire

1. Husband for Hire Handyman Services

Website speed is an essential component of search engine optimization.

When your focus is on local customers, this feature can help your site rise above other construction agencies’ efforts. You’ll see the power of that design element in play for this business. 

Here are some other website design elements to consider from this example to potentially include for your construction site.

  • Visitors receive plenty of information to help them make an informed decision.
  • Several calls to action are included that offer prompts to make choices.
  • Unique branding helps the business stand out from its competitors.
  • It delivers social media syncing to encourage a sense of community.

2. Reno Gurus

When you pull up this website, you’ll notice immediately that the company’s online presence serves as an extension of its portfolio.

By demonstrating their expertise through a visual medium, the information proves that their efforts can do the same for you when hired.

Another significant element is the magazine cover from Forum Magazine that sits right above the footer. It’s a final reminder of the expertise that comes to your project.

Here are some of the other design examples to consider including with your construction website design.

  • An engaging video in the header provides a brief summary of their work.
  • The company communicates clearly that they work on high-end projects.
  • Its layout principles encourage consumer scrolling to stay on the page longer.
  • You encounter several interactive animations while sticking to a simple, modernized design.

3. Ravineview Construction

This construction website follows the typical framework of a modern website. It delivers information in small blurbs to encourage follow-up without being demanding or pushy.

You can also request a quote immediately by clicking on the ALL CAPS link in the header.

Here are some additional elements with this construction website design to consider for your own needs.

  • The home page includes pictures of recent work to show off their expertise.
  • All the top services are highlighted underneath the header.
  • It delivers a clear call to action, provides customer reviews, and displays badges.


If you want a great example of writing for visitors and search engines, this website delivers the content to review.

4. Harper Construction

You can see an excellent example of how a simple website can still tell a profound story with this business.

It uses a clean, modernized design that hits the trending preferences of many website visitors today.

This site is also an example of what not to do with your construction website design. Since it isn’t secure, some visitors may not trust sending personal information to the company to request a bid.

Here are some other highlights to consider with this website.

  • The imagery compliments the site’s design consistency to draw attention to their work.
  • Each graphic adds credibility to the content, showing the general contractor’s niche expertise to its community.
  • There is information included about environmentally conscious projects they’ve completed, including platinum LEED certification.

5. R & H Construction

With this construction web design, visitors get to know the business immediately. You see their story and get to know their commitment to safety right underneath a video of their offices.

By getting to know the people, it’s easier for relationships and trust connections to form. Here are some additional design elements to consider putting into your own online presence.

  • The images of completed work have location tags associated with them so that you can inspect their work personally if desired.
  • Zero stock imagery is used on the website to create an authentic visitor experience.
  • A section on awards and recognition is available to reinforce the brand’s credibility.


The best construction website designs show the value your crews offer while delivering information that drives prospects through your sales funnels. You wouldn’t “fake it to make it” with a bid, so why do that with your online presence? When your site is on point, like the examples presented here, it serves as a valuable resource to deliver many lead generation opportunities.

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